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Whether you have a large or small energy project, we’re here to help you get connected to the national electricity transmission network. Here, you can find information and guidance about the connection journey, how we can help you, and how to get
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How to get connected

This short animation will give you an overview of the different stages of the connection process you’ll need to follow.

The connection journey

Below, you’ll find more detailed information about the different stages of the connection journey – from research and making an application through to construction and getting connected.

Get connected infographic

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1. Research your options

This initial stage is all about determining the main points of your project before you make an application to the Electricity System Operator. Use tools such as our network capacity map and quick cost estimator to help you build and vary your proposition.

We recommend you make an enquiry with us at this stage, so we can help you explore what type of connection it will be, as well as other characteristics.

2. Application

Each connection project is unique, so the application process to the Electricity System Operator (ESO) can vary for each of our customers. But at the end of this stage, the ESO will make you a formal offer.

During the application, you’ll work with your dedicated Electricity Transmission account manager, while our teams of experts will be on hand to help with any technical, commercial or compliance questions you may have.

3. Planning and design

During this stage, we’ll consider design options for your project. We’ll already have assessed the construction work that’ll be needed, which typically includes extending existing substations or building new ones, and up-rating overhead lines or installing new ones.  

Now, we’ll draw up a detailed design, construction and procurement plan. Alongside this, we’ll carry out studies to examine the site. Once the offer is signed, we’ll then work towards meeting the connection date. 

4. Construction and compliance

The length of the construction stage varies considerably, depending on the complexity of the project. Costs increase significantly at this time, because we’re ordering the equipment needed to build and transport the assets. 

In terms of compliance, there are obligations you’ll need to meet before the project becomes operational. Once you’ve met all the requirements, you’ll receive a certificate called an operational notification – without it, you can’t connect to or use the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS).  

Your dedicated account manager will monitor the project’s schedule and milestones, while providing you with regular updates on progress.  

5. Connection

Once your project is connected to the transmission system, you’ll need to complete any payments that are due from you to cover the cost of the connection and using the transmission system.  

6. Disconnection

When you’re ready to disconnect from the system, you’ll need to contact us. You can request a full or partial disconnection. The bilateral agreement will be terminated once we’ve disconnected the site. 

Planning your connection

Find out how to make an application to connect to the electricity transmission network. Learn about the different steps and how we can help you.

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Network capacity map

Find out about our network availability to connect new generation or demand projects to the electricity transmission network in England and Wales.

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Cost estimator

Use our estimator to get an indication of how much a straightforward connection to the electricity transmission network with no complicating features may cost.

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Helping you all the way

Find out about our account management team and how they can guide you through the connections journey – from exploring your options to getting connected.

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Want to make an enquiry?

Find out how to get in touch with us if you have an enquiry about getting connected to the electricity transmission network or any aspect of the connections process. When you complete one of our enquiry forms, we’ll get back to you within the next business day. 


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