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Please complete all fields to ensure we can provide the best view of costs to connect to the National Grid Electricity Transmission System.

Select a type of generation.

In general, for connections up to 50 MW, 13kV is the most appropriate voltage. For connections up to 135 MW, 33kV is the most appropriate. For connections up to 300 MW, 132kV is the most appropriate.

Select a type of demand.

2. Select the required voltage.

This is the voltage at your connection end.

3. Enter the required capacity (MW).

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4. Select the type of area.

Rural connections are less complex than urban connections. Urban connections may lead to unforeseen complexities, such as traversing major obstacles.

5. What is the approximate distance of the connection?

The approximate distance from your connection site to your selected National Grid substation.

Estimated build cost This is the estimated build cost for National Grid Electricity Transmission.

Please contact us to discuss options for connecting this configuration.

This table shows an indicative estimate cost of connection should you choose to defer the date of connection.

Year Price
Year +1
Year +2
Year +3
Year +4
Summary of annual additional costs/charges

Site Specific Maintenance

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