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The Network Capacity Map is currently undergoing some scheduled maintenance. Please note that this may affect some of the values within the tool. We expect the map to be running at full capacity by April 2020.

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Low — less than 10% total site capacity still available
Medium — 10% to 25% total site capacity still available
High — 25% total site capacity still available
ID Name Demand Headroom Generation Headroom Fault Level Headroom Number of Tertiaries Available


Substation Name:

Substation Type:

Voltage Level:

Substation Technology:


Spare Bays:

Spare Tertiaries:

Demand Information

Demand Capacity: MW

Peak Demand: MW

Demand Headroom: MW

Demand Potential:

Generation Information

Generation Capacity: MW

Connected Generation: MW

Contracted Generation: MW

Generation Headroom: MW

For any queries over 1,000 MW, please contact us via the Enquire button below.

Generation Potential:

Fault Level Information

Fault Level 3Ph Rating: kA

Fault Level 3Ph Fault Level: kA

Fault Level 1Ph Rating: kA

Fault Level 1Ph Fault Level: kA

Fault Level Headroom: kA

Fault Level Limitation:

Average Sunshine and Wind

Sunshine iconSunshine: hours/month

Wind speed iconWind speed: knots

Climate average data provided by the Met Office from the period of 1981-2010.

Connection Information

Point of Connection Cost: £k

Average Reinforcement Cost:

Indicative Timescale:

Technology Availability: