Looking for more information about the power cut on 9 August?

Please read our CEO John Pettigrew’s article on how our colleagues within the Electricity System Operator responded.

Planning your connection

Here you’ll find information on how to get connected to the transmission system and guidance with your application to the Electricity System Operator (ESO). This short video will show you how to approach your connection research.

Planning your connection

When researching options for your energy project, you may find it useful to visit our network capacity map and use our quick cost estimator. These tools will give you the locations that could meet your needs and an estimated cost of the connection. Our connection charges overview provides an explanation of the charges you’ll need to pay.  

There are other factors you’ll also need to consider, such as financial securities – you’ll need to have these in place for any connection project that involves us delivering work for you.  

In terms of planning and consents, there are approvals that may be required from different permitting bodies when building new energy infrastructure. 

Connection charges overview

Find out about the charges that users of the electricity transmission network have to pay and how they're calculated.

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Understanding securities

Find out about financial securities – what they are, and why you’ll need to have them in place for any connection project that involves us delivering work for you.

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Make an enquiry

Get in touch to let us know more about your project and how we can help. You can also get expert advice on any aspect of the connections process.

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Our team will help you apply

When you make an enquiry to let us know more about your project, we’ll provide you with a dedicated account manager. They will guide you through the connections process – from exploring your options to getting connected – and help you apply.  

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