We are becoming a separate company

In April 2019, Electricity Transmission is becoming a separate company within the National Grid Group. Find out more about what this change will mean.


Our commitment to innovation allows us to run, build, and maintain our network more efficiently and effectively, delivering benefits to consumers and shareholders alike. Embedding innovation and new technology into our business delivers continuous improvements in the quality and cost of our services. 

How do we innovate?

Our innovation has been built around our customers, future technical developments and business objectives. In order to drive these areas, our innovation focuses on four themes:

  • managing assets: developing ways to manage new and ageing assets more effectively to extend their operational lives
  • service delivery: developing stakeholder and customer focused capabilities through exploiting existing assets and developing new service-based business propositions
  • efficient build: developing techniques, ways of working or procurement strategies to build new assets faster and at lower capital and whole life costs
  • corporate responsibility: doing the right thing, including social responsibility, safety and sustainability, in all new developments.

Collaboration keeps us at the forefront of innovation

We engage stakeholders, such as original equipment manufacturers and academic institutions, to explore and evaluate opportunities. We recognise the value of working with appropriate partners to drive growth both for National Grid and the wider industry. We actively manage and prioritise our stakeholder engagement by:

  • collaborating with academic and research institutes
  • engaging, supporting and partnering with our existing supply chain
  • seeking out innovative suppliers new to our industry
  • encouraging and exploiting ‘in house’ innovation
  • influencing government’s prioritisation of funding areas.

Our RIIO innovation stimulus package provides two key funding mechanisms: the Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) and the Network Innovation Competition (NIC). We also fund innovation via various other routes.

Get in touch

If you like to speak to someone in the innovation team you can email us at: [email protected]

Network Innovation Competition (NIC)

The submissions deadline for the National Innovation Competition (NIC) is just around the corner.

So get those creative juices going. Your inspiration could be the next great innovation for the UK’s electricity transmission network.

Submissions deadline Friday 14 December 2018


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Key documents

Data Sharing Policy for NIA and NIC Projects

Following revisions to the NIA and NIC Governance documents that were published by Ofgem on 30 June 2017, Ofgem has introduced a requirement for us to make available certain network and consumption data we gather in the course of a NIC- or NIA-funded project.

The purpose of this data sharing policy is to make clear how such network or consumption data can be requested by interested parties and the terms on which we will make such data available.

This policy applies to the network data and consumption data arising in the course of a NIC- or NIA-funded project which is not commercially confidential or sensitive.

In accordance with the dissemination requirements of the NIC/NIA governance framework, we already publish much of the data arising from our NIC/NIA projects. You may wish to check this before making an application under this policy, in case the data which you are seeking has already been published.

Electricity Network Innovation Strategy

The Electricity Network Innovation Strategy sets out the challenges and the opportunities facing the electricity transmission and distribution networks in continuing to provide benefits to our customers within the energy systems of the future.

Ofgem's RIIO-2 framework consultation

The RIIO-2 framework consultation document sets out how Ofgem is thinking of incentivising companies to deliver the outputs that consumers value the most in the next regulatory period. To find out more about the innovation proposal guidelines, refer to page 45. And if you want to participate in the consultation, please get in touch [email protected]