Stakeholder groups

As we develop our business plan for RIIO-2, we’re working with independent stakeholder user and challenge groups. They scrutinise our approach, making sure our business plan will achieve the right outcomes for all our stakeholders including end-consumers. You can find out more by visiting the independent Stakeholder User Group website below.

Independent Stakeholder User Group

As well as giving our stakeholders a voice as we develop our business plan, we’re working with an independently chaired stakeholder user group. The group provides feedback on our plan and reviews how we engage with stakeholders.


Visit stakeholder website

Ofgem’s Challenge Group

Alongside the independent Stakeholder User Group, Ofgem is creating a RIIO-2 Challenge Group to consider the affordability and sustainability of our business plan.

As with the Stakeholder User Group, the Challenge Group will submit a report to Ofgem in addition to our own submissions. To find out more about this group, you can download the RIIO-2 Enhanced Stakeholder Engagement Guidance document from Ofgem’s website.


Visit Ofgem's website