We are a separate company

On 1 April Electricity Transmission became a legally separate company within the National Grid Group. Find out more about what this change means.
A field landscape with electricity pylons and overhead cabling and a bright sun setting in a blue sky

Landscape Enhancement Initiative (LEI)

National Grid, following approval from the Stakeholder Advisory Group, has developed an initiative which will use part of the £500 million allocation for smaller localised visual improvement projects which can be accessed by all AONBs and National Parks with existing National Grid electricity infrastructure.

The scheme was launched in May 2016, this landscape enhancement initiative has an ambition to provide up to £24 million over six years (May 2016 to March 2021). The aim of the initiative will be to reduce the visual impact of National Grid’s existing infrastructure and improve the related visual quality of the landscape.

While in some cases, views of the line may be screened or softened, in many cases where it may not be possible to address the impacts of the electricity line directly, it may be possible to ‘shift the balance’ of the impacts by enhancing the local environment in other ways.

This is in addition to the major capital schemes which will come forward for funding from the VIP project itself.